First things first – you should definitely join our distribution list if you haven’t done so yet. This will keep you connected to all our updates and opportunities.

Here are all the different ways you can participate in San Francisco Green Drinks:


  • As a Greeter – Welcome Green Drinkers into our community.
  • As a Connector – Foster open discussions, networking and knowledge sharing.


  • Submit a Green Event – Add your networking, educational or volunteering opportunity to our local Green Calendar.
  • Create Community – Reach out to your fellow Green Drinkers.
  • Facebook Discussion Board – Discuss topics that matter to you.


  • As a Sponsor – Financial support Green Drinks and engage our community.
  • As a Community Partner – Offer a unique good or service.
  • As a Donor – Gifts and donations are always welcome!


  • As a Steering Committee Member – Help us guide SFGD into the future.
  • As a Volunteer Officer – Share your inspiration and help execute Green Drinks!